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What do we stand for?

We believe political involvement is counter-productive and un-American unless we stand for something. Therefore, we take an official stand in five areas:


We affirm the principles set forth in the Bible, the Declaration, and other founding documents. All people, healthy or sick, young or old, born or unborn, rich or poor hold the right to life. We support the death penalty, because those who take life from others show disdain for the right to life and forfeit their own right.

The right to liberty is also held by all, but must be used so it does not encroach on the liberty of others. Liberty is not license to do whatever we wish, but power to do what we ought. This right protects, among other things, the freedoms and citizen rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, but it does not protect immoral activity.

We believe the family—a husband, his wife, and their children—is the basic unit of society; preserving the family and traditional values is essential to preserving our country.


We believe education is crucial to preserving freedom. We support child-centered state funding in the form of vouchers. We say cease all national funding and regulation, limit mandatory education to the basics, and allow parents to govern their children’s education—they know best.


We support eliminating all government interference in economics beyond what is absolutely necessary to maintain peace and property rights. We say abolish the current tax code and replace it with the flat tax. Cease all government subsidies, handouts, and "entitlements." Cut taxes, cut spending, and deal with poverty through citizen-to-citizen assistance and true volunteering.


We support our troops and are grateful for their commitment to us and our country.

We support military strength and readiness, adequate military salaries, and ceasing gender integration in training and housing. We must promote American principles in international relations, and must require recipients of aid to adhere to principles of freedom. We favor participating in international forums, but adamantly oppose surrendering American sovereignty or forming any international government.


We believe the Constitution is still the law of the land. We believe good moral character is a prerequisite for any government or party official. We support honest and respectful campaigning, proper use of government power and resources, and full accountability for all questionable activity.

Core Republican Beliefs!

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