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Dear Fellow Republican,

Have you ever wished you could have a say in who gets nominated and who gets elected to public office?

And have you ever wanted an easy way to stay informed on today’s political issues and events?

Now, you can have a say, and you can stay informed. At Southwestern Young Republican Club, we offer you a chance to be involved, to get to know the candidates and the issues, and to work with others to make a difference.

Our regular meeting features trivia and prizes, news and issue discussion, an informative message, and inspiration.

We publish the Southwestern Quarterback, a regular newsletter with the latest political news and information. We call it the Quarterback because we believe it is time for Republicans to take the offense, take the ball, and drive the issues home to a touchdown!

We offer you a doorway to making a difference. Come see what’s happening in politics and what you can do. Or you can fill out the membership form and mail it to us. Hope to hear from you soon!

Ronald D. Richmond
SYRC President


You can contact us by sending an email message to:

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